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Present Ideas



Xmas Mobile

you will need:
1 metre of green ribbon
2 metres of red ribbon
1 polystyrene circle (available in craft shops - if not then a circle cut out of card around 8-10 cms in diameter)
4 small bells (also available at craft/material shops)

First wrap the green ribbon around the polystyrene circle so that it covers it completely.
Next cut your red ribbon into four strips, all slightly different in length.
Now glue the four strips, onto the inside of the circle, leaving 10 cms of ribbon above the circle (see photo).
Cut V shapes into the ends of the ribbon so that it does not fray.
Tie, or sew the bells onto the bottom of the ribbon strips.
Hang by your tree, or wrap it up to give to a loved one.

You can put photos in home made cardboard frames onto the bottom of the ribbon, or you could sew little stars, or other xmassy items and hang them from the ribbon...